Our Tribe arised from overgrown members of 33. Water Scout's harbor called Golden Anchor. Nowadays contains 7 members – Five girls and two boys. Our Programs are more or less isolated, but some members are working in our old group called the Herrons, where they helping with younger members and organisation. Stable part of our program is the twaddle (plkani in Czech), that is every Thursday. It's actually normal date. The name has arisen by padigrre from shortcut of our tribe – PL.K. Almost every weekend we've some action, but another stable part of our program is light ash (it's czech metaphor for a trip), whitch is arranged every 2 months. Another stable part of program is the camp, where we are together with Herrons in "Kletečná" by Humpolec. (In Czech:)

If u wanna look at Golden Anchor's WWW (not in english) - www.hkvs.cz/zlata.kotva.

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