Purpose of tribe:

  • fun
  • Observance rover's motto "I serve"


  • title
  • logo
  • cry


  • Member is the one, who passed the receiving mumbo-jumbo:)

Duties of members:

  1. Phrase self opinion.
  2. Pay monthly the dues.
  3. Observe tribe's rules.
  4. Be Silent about secrets of tribe.

Members' rights:

  1. Suggest voting about everything (change constitution, suggest a new member).
  2. Vote for everything.
  3. B (s. below) have no rights to vote, not even be the member of council.

Passive membership:

  • Transition state from A (active member) to B (passive) will judge A by voting.
  • A can suggest self transition to B.
  • B have the right be A again after voting.
  • B have no rights for voting, or be voted.

Leading the Tribe:

  • All sugestions can be voted only if all A members are present.
  • In front of tribe is the tribe's council.
  • One member of council have duty being present on the Harbor's council.
  • The council have duty voting the one, who will prepare the opening ceremonies.
  • A member have right to denied the membership in the council.

Tribe's finance:

  • All members have duty paying monthly Kč 20 into tribe's safe.
  • The one who preparing opening ceremonies will obtain monthly Kč 100 for preparing the opening ceremonies, he've no duty accepting it.
  • The tribe voting the cashier for one year, after this time can cashier suggest another voting.

Compiled 09/16/04

Ratified 09/16/04